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    The Chamber of Truths

    X D. Sage

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    The Chamber of Truths

    Post by X D. Sage on Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:21 am

    Welcome to the
    [..::The Chamber of Truths::..]

    Enjoy your stay and dont TOUCH anything!

    Metatron's Cube

    Entrance Dining Room into Lab

     The Chamber of Truths is a room with held deep within the Golden Dawn marine vessel. In here resides The ship's doctor and first mate Sage and his trusty robotic assistant "Ann". Here lies all the experimentation and alchemical transmutations that Sage is working on. Here He develops new amazing cures, deadly poisons, explosive bombs, cyborg inventions and customizations, as well as enjoy peace and study. This is the quietest place on the ship, Having nearly half the floor unto himself for his experiments. The Lab is complete with its own bedroom,kitchen area, and lots of room for his research and procedures. Sage enjoys when other comes to visit him inside the Chamber, always eager to show off his experiments. However come in there and start meddling with anything down there will cause for all hell to break loose, so be warned.

    Personal Library:

    Here resides Sage's personal and private collection. Books that are so old they were sewn together and each letter stitched into the parchment. He even owns 1 book that was carved in stone. This is Sage's pride and joy, his treasure he would die for. This is his entire wealth of knowledge he has dedicated his life for and will die to protect.

    Alchemical Transmutations:
    Sage and his lovely assistant Ann spend majority of their time in the Chamber of Truths transmuting and combining different species of plant and animal life. Creating a mass multitude of healing agents to cure a wealth of diseases and poisons. They have created way to recover damage taken as well as resistance to elements. Here is where Sage truly shines as a Bio-Chemist. He is more passionate about his work here, than any other field.

    Robotic Engineering:
    Here lies a hobby that Sage finds very fascinating. He rather enjoys discovering new customizations and equipment to upgrade not only himself, but his favorite robotic creation Ann as well. He spends alot of time creating random gadgets that might serve absolutely no useful purpose what so ever. Or he might build the most deadliest laser beam known to man. It all depends on what scratches that itch for discovery.


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