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    Eden Alexandria / Character Application {WIP}

    Eden Shinteki
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    Eden Alexandria / Character Application {WIP} Empty Eden Alexandria / Character Application {WIP}

    Post by Eden Shinteki on Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:26 am

    "Yosh! The ocean is my stage and now I sail toward my aspirations with an unbroken will!"

    Name: Eden Alexandria
    Epithet: The Serious Enthusiast
    Age: 22 years
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Affiliation: Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle 'o rum!
    Occupation: Cook


    Eden in general has a very athletic, yet supermodel body type. She has always been active in many sports such as equivalents to soccer, football, swimming, baseball, and track; she excelled especially in martial arts. Due to these many activities she participated in, she has a great amount of stamina and is extremely fit. Due to her constant martial arts training, her bones became very sturdy and her muscles grew tough and toned, which takes hold of 93% of her entire weight, which is 155 pounds. Muscle weighs naturally more than fat, hence the extra weight for what she looks like she weighs.

    Her family tree is accustomed to breeding average-sized individuals, men ranging from five feet eight inches to six feet five inches, and women ranging from five feet two inches to five feet eleven inches. She fell to the high middle end of the average height of most women in her family, which her height was five feet seven inches. She gained her height specifically from her mother as she too retained the same height when she was at her prime.

    From her mother, she also retains her hair style, hair color, eye color, and skin color. As in the picture above, she has long, red hair that comes down to the bottom of her back and the style remains the same: straight with a slight curve at the ends of her hair and at her bangs. Her eye color is a deep sapphire blue and it could be compared to looking into the deepest part of North Blue. Her skin color became rather pale over the years, though there are still remnants of color especially visible on her face as her cheeks always held a slight amount of blush in them. The only times she wears her hair up, as in the picture, is when she wears her formal kimono for special occasions. Click on this text for the picture of Eden's kimono.

    Despite her clothing, she is actually very proper, though she doesn't really care what those around her think about her usual attire which is rather revealing. Eden tends to do things like bow and use proper greetings to those she associates with as well, which is ironic considering her choice of wear. It is more a matter of kindness and comic relief that she uses her manners. In terms of kindness, well...that is self-explanatory; Eden treats people around her the way she wants to be treated, so she tries her best to be polite and "proper."

    There is only one marking of note on Eden's body and that is a tattoo of a flaming dragon on the back of her right hand, though she herself does not entirely know how she received it. There are scars that riddle her body but they are nearly invisible to the naked eye. The only places she does not have scars is her face, her hands, her feet, and her..."areas."

    Hair Color: Red
    Skin Tone: Tan
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 155 lbs.


    • At a glance, she can be judged as “serious” or “proud,” as she has a very proper form of posture and always manages to keep a very seemingly strict facial expression. The way she walks indicates that she is very graceful and she takes her appearance very seriously. This does not mean, though, that she does not express happiness or laughter or sadness. This general and common facial expression with her is not so much "strict" but more along the lines of "professional," or "experienced." She is by no means unfriendly, however. She is quite sociable and rather enjoys taking part in conversation.

    • In terms of speech, she is very fluid and calm in her speech which would tell people around her that she holds education in very high regard. She speaks as though her voice has different musical tones and depth, which indicates that she is not boring to talk to and can manage to hold peoples’ attention. On the topic of speech, she does not often speak and only speaks when necessary. She always seems to say very wise things so when she does speak to those around her, everyone always tends to listen.

    • To the average stranger she is taken in with an instant respect just by the air exuberating around her. However, some shy away due to this very feeling, leaving the woman alone and unconnected with some of the society around her. This is because she has amassed a great amount of achievements throughout her time thus far. Because of said achievements, she is somewhat feared by those she meets all over the seas, though she is not hated. It could be compared to watching a lion tear apart its prey. Even though the sight of it sends a sense of fear deep into your heart, you can't help but still admire its power and ferocity.

    • Underneath her exterior lies a great many things. One such thing is that she is extremely depressed and never decides to show such emotions as it would bring undesirable attention to her. On that subject, she does not like getting too much attention. She would much rather keep to herself than talk to the people around her. Because of that, she is to a certain degree shy, though she doesn't show it to those around her. Many contradictions throughout her complex personality is clear, but such a thing is very common in an age filled to the skies with war and bloodshed.

    • She, by nature, is extremely loyal and trustworthy. Every one of her friends knows this about her without a doubt and Eden is like this because she believes that if one cannot trust another, there can be no peace at all. The same goes for her loyalty, as she believes that those who cannot be loyal to another can never find friendship. Eden is definitely someone you can count on in and out of battle, and she would make for the perfect kind of friend.

    • Taking into consideration the stress her heart (emotions) places on her, she is usually very kind and for the most part happy. Those who know her well enough often get confused by this trait of hers as it is unknown even to Eden how she manages still to be happy and composed while under so much emotional stress. This is most likely, to her knowledge, due to her gruesome past. Without the experience she has, she would have likely cracked a long time ago from all that she has gone through and seen.

    • SPT - a term created by Eden and is abbreviated for "Stupid People Tolerance." This term was derived from the certain people she had encountered over the years who were exceptionally idiotic and annoying. She categorized this trait in terms of five levels, each level clearly defining how far up the tolerance meter she is. The first level is meant for people who were very easy to tolerate or had no true moments of utter stupidity and are on Eden's good list. The second level is meant for people who had their moments of stupidity but it was humorous and was acceptable stupidity as friends would when joking around. The third level is the neutral zone where people who Eden deemed right in the middle and were beginning to go into the bad area. These people still had a good chance of coming back to the good list. The fourth level is meant for people who were quite annoying and she could only take so much of them until she punched them. These people still had somewhat of a fighting chance to get onto Eden's good list eventually. The fifth level is meant to be reserved for the select few who were so annoying that she has put them on a death list. These few people have little to no chance of getting on Eden's good list.


    • She loves being social, for one. She has always loved talking to people around her and being out in public areas. Because of that, she loved holding conversations with others, though she preferred intelligible conversations more so than other kinds. In contrast to this, she is still somewhat shy at the same time because of the way some people look at her and she is also shy when she meets new people. When it is just random people, she is flat-out shy because she doesn't know them like they would know her.

    • She loves to get into fights. Even she does not understand why she does, but she accepts it willingly. She loves fighting because for one, it allows her to forget about the outside world for a time and gets her unstressed about her life. Another reason, though strange, is that she gets an odd turn-on from it. Something about fighting and being in the moment gets her blood pumping; gets her riled up. Strange, but true.

    • Eden loves all kinds of sports. More so, she loves being active which is the main point of this "like." Being active makes her feel like she has purposes for getting up in the morning or getting dressed. It is motivation to keep her healthy and strong. This is most likely her most important because she feels like her life has material meaning which is very good and it reminds her that being active will make her noticeable which means she won't feel lonely all the time.

    • She loves the scent of lavender. Why such a specific aroma? Lavender is a significant aroma for Eden because her home smelled of lavender as much of her home was surrounded by plants that created such a scent. It is also significant because she always seemed to smell lavender whenever something bad happened in her life. In her parents' deaths and her friends' deaths, she smelled such an aroma as lavender. Being constantly influenced by this scent has caused her to smell like lavender herself.

    • She loves to be strategic. In being active through many battles, she was one such person who was particularly skilled in outmaneuvering her opponents while still remaining steps ahead of them.

    • She loves fruits and vegetables as well. It reminds her much of her "diet" during her years before finding Phoenix and she also preferred the organic taste of fruits and vegetables over meat as meat always tasted somewhat strange to her. The substitute for her protein was the protein that came from coconuts, which was very nutritious overall.

    • She likes learning new things. In her of years of life, she saw a great many things from place to place. It intrigued her so much that she wanted to learn of the world as she saw it influenced by time, which made her a rather avid pirate of knowledge and is most likely one of the few who enjoys such a thing.

    • She loves music. She grew a vast appreciation for it from an extremely young age, due to her mother who was also a musician. Music for her is a way of expressing what lies beyond the surface of her being and that is what she loves most about it. She took up the instrument known as the violoncello and fell in love with it almost instantly. The deep tones, the very warm yet sad sound that resonates from it when played. For the sake of learning, she taught herself to play everything else, too!


    • Eden has great disdain for people who are pompous and are full of themselves. People like that really annoy her and even piss her off greatly as those kinds of people in her eyes are scum for treating others like they are trash. Then again, most pirates are that way anyway, so she tries her best not to blow her top.

    • She dislikes boredom. The term "boredom" for her is more defined as not doing something that she would deem important to her or worthy of her time. Something like waiting for some type of results  is not considered boredom for her. Boredom for her would be something like being at her own or someone's home, sitting around, not waiting for anything, and having nothing at all whatsoever to do. Anything outside of that is not considered "boredom."

    • Eden hates being alone. She, regardless of her shyness and other conflicting niches, hates not being around people and having fun. Whenever she is alone, she gets extremely depressed and angry and she tends to punch or kick things around her in order to blow off built-up steam. Strange side effect of being lonely but that is just how she is.

    • She dislikes vulgarity but only to an extent. This extent only pertains to when such acting is not permitted such as at meetings and public events. Vulgarity is only acceptable in her eyes when with her nakama, as proper etiquette and formality are not necessary in such informal and relaxed settings.

    • She dislikes people who do not desire to change themselves in order to make themselves better. To Eden, that is simply implying that they do not care about their lives or well-being which irritates her because regardless of ones issues in life, one should strive and work harder to change so that they no longer have to worry about trivial stress, suffering, and mental/emotional pain. What is the point of living if you can't better yourself; make yourself stronger, is what she says often to people who are not willing to change.

    • Eden dislikes people who are lazy. It isn't that she would necessarily hate the person if they are really lazy, but rather that she would give them a kick in the ass in order to get them moving along and doing things instead of sitting around and being unproductive. This was the norm for most pirates she knew, hence why she grew this particular attitude.

    • Eden tends to dislike people who can't relax. It gets on her nerves when others get tense all the time because then nagging begins and the atmosphere spreads to everyone else in the room, making things unbearable which annoys her. Some who are like that find the short side of Eden's tolerance meter and get scolded often. Though, it is not scolding and is considered more along the lines of a "pep talk" to give those certain individuals the courage to want to try calming the hell down and relaxing.


    • Renowned Leader & Cook - From her old home in North Blue, she was particularly exceptional at martial arts, an in her home town, she taught others to fight and earned a reputation for being a good teacher which translated somehow to being a good leader. She was also an exceptional cook and she originally learned from her mother who was a professional cook. Because of these things, she decided early on that, because she had received so much praise, she was going to pursue those two things and become known all over the world.

    • Master of Music - Music for her is a way of expressing what lies beyond the surface of herself and that is what she loves most about it. She took up the instrument known as the violoncello at the age of 13 years and fell in love with it almost instantly. The deep tones, the very warm yet sad sound that resonates from it when played. Eden wants to become a master of the violoncello for the sake of expressing herself through music and also for the sake of really getting to know her inner self. She didn't stop there, however. She grew an intense fondness for music in general and began pursuing different instruments and taught herself to play them. Eventually, her goal ultimately became the urge to become the greatest musician on the seas.

    • To Be Humble - It is the nature of all beings to be arrogant in some way, shape, or form. For most, it is something that cannot be changed because especially for humans, life is far too short. Eden wants to rid herself of such a trait and become more humble so that she may be able to look on life more patiently and readily. This goal would most likely take the longest to accomplish out of all the goals she has set for herself.


    • Pleasure - Eden suffers from a disorder known as hypersexuality. This disorder is commonly associated with their branched names: nymphomania and satyromania. Nymphomania being for females and satyromania being for males. Her fear is derived from this disorder, where everything and anything could spark her arousal. She fears that some day she will be overcome by this disorder and go sexually wild. This is possibly her greatest fear, but it is also her most well-guarded fear as well.

    • Loss of Loved Ones - One of the only fears she has is of losing her nakama and whatever future friends she makes. It would crush her to lose those who became close to her. She hopes that such a thing will not happen again, though she will not let her guard down on this fact as she knows better than anyone that things change as quickly as thoughts do.

    • Failure - Failure is always a sign of weakness for those who do not often experience it. Eden is a woman who has not seen much failure on her side. Failure to her is being unable to complete a task to the degree that the task should be completed. There have only been maybe two or three tasks that she has failed to complete to the highest degree that it should be completed. Because sometimes, if one isn't careful...failure can mean death.


    1. Nail Biting - This is primarily a habit that shows itself when she is holding back her carnal desires due to her disorder. She hides it well enough so that people around her don't notice, but she does it often out of reflex, too, which annoys her at times.

    2. Tapping Rhythms - Another habit Eden has is tapping percussion rhythms on different surfaces, and there are several reasons she does this. Most of the time, it is due to boredom, or having nothing better to do. Other times, she does it because random music tends to pop into her head, which causes her to tap out the rhythms the notes are being played in the song(s).

    3. Reading & Cooking - Another habit she has is that she reads books, music, magazines, and other things as she cooks. The reason she does it is because her mind isn't being completely active, which is remedied by reading. Many find it difficult to understand how exactly she can remain so well-focused on two different things at once but that is just one of the many quirks Eden has.


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