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    Gray's Ancestry


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    Gray's Ancestry

    Post by Gray on Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:30 am

    First Generation (Tyrannus)

    Zanxus "God's Fist" Tyrannus

    The most notable ancestor that Gray had was his maternal grandfather, Zanxus “God’s Fist” Tyrannus, the captain of the majestic Galleon ship, The Fury, and the leader of the ‘Tyrant’ pirates. He was, in his time, one of the most notable pirates sailing the New World and a life-time rival of one of the current Yonko, Gasparde Dublanc. He was responsible not only for causing havoc as a lawless pirate, but was said to have ties with the revolutionaries as well. Contrary to the name of the crew itself, the ‘Tyrant’ pirates were known to have uprooted a few tyrants off their thrones.

    In his senior years, he was still considered to be a terrifying leader and a monstrous fighter. He was the original user of what Gray inherited as the “White Fist” style. Although he did not have the pressure-controlling devil-fruit powers to go with his physical prowess, Zanxus was still a master of hand-to-hand combat, and had physical strength that was capable of causing mass destruction without needing any devil-fruit enhancements. The abnormal strength that Gray possesses was inherited from his grandfather.

    Gray is not aware of who his grandfather was. His mother despised her father for not having been there for his family, and thus she never shared her ancestry with Gray and made her husband promise not to share this knowledge with their children.

    Zanxus died at the age of 86 from a heart disease that he had suffered from for 15 years. His funeral was held on an island in the North Blue, where he was born. His former crew members and even his rival, Gasparde Dublanc, attended the funeral to send him off to the after-life.

    Second Generation (Tyrannus)

    Gracchus "Fury" Tyrannus
    The second-most notable figure in Gray’s family is, again, from his mother’s side. His maternal uncle, Gracchus “Fury” Tyrannus, is also a pirate currently sailing the New-World. Gracchus was part of the ‘Tyrant’ pirates and after Zanxus’ death Gracchus inherited the title of Captain and also the epithet, “Fury”. He had already managed to earn the respect of his father’s former rival and became a worthy competitor, yet not having reached that level.

    Same as Gray, Gracchus inherited the physical prowess that Zanxus possessed. Gracchus possesses the power of the sound-sound fruit, which he uses along with his physical strength.

    Unlike his father, Gracchus managed to keep a close relationship with his sister, Gray’s mother. However, Gray is still unaware of his relationship with Gracchus.

    Second Generation (Starks)

    Clay "Sharp" D. Starks
    Gray’s father, Clay D. Starks, was also part of a notable pirate-crew. However, his father was not the captain but the first mate. Clay was a master of fencing, and used a pair of rapiers that he called, the “Twin Fangs”. During his pirating days, he was known as Clay “Sharp”, not only for his ability with the use of his rapiers, but also for his tactical wit. Clay was the first mate of the former ‘Hatchet’ pirates, captained by Hayden Hatchet.

    The Hatchet pirates had fought the ‘Tyrant’ pirates multiple times, losing every time, but had developed a friendly relationship with them through those attempts. This is how Clay came to know the Tyrannus family. Clay and Gracchus became close friends, and eventually, Clay was introduced to Gracchus’ sister, Titania.

    Clay and Titania fell in love, and soon got married. In his early married years, Clay remained overseas, which greatly upset Titania, as she was afraid that her children would have to live without a father’s influence, just like how she had to. However, this did not remain the case for very long. In one of their battles, several of Clay’s nerves were severed in an attempt to defend his captain, and his combat skills were reduced permanently. The one attribute that he was terrifying for, speed, was no longer a factor. As a token of gratitude, Clay’s captain honored him with a coat that the Hatchet family had owned for many generations.

    Clay returned to his wife who now lived in Loguetown on Clay’s family property, and decided to stay there until he had recovered enough to get back into action. But, to his dismay, his captain had been captured by the marines in his absence and was executed at Loguetown. Clay was present during Hatchet’s execution, which caused him to miss Gray’s birth. Not wanting to miss Gray’s childhood, Clay retired from piracy and remained at Loguetown to bring up Gray. Clay never recovered from his injuries, and his fighting skills were never the same. Gray never discovered the original abilities of his father, and always considered his parents do be normal.

    Clay attempted to tutor Gray in the art of the sword, but he soon realized that Gray had no talent for it. He recognized that Gray had inherited his father-in-law’s strength, and trained him in hand-to-hand combat the best that he could in his state. Luckily, Gray was a quick-learner. One characteristic that Gray did inherit from his father was his thirst for knowledge and information. He became an avid reader, just like his father.

    When Gray turned twenty, he set out to sail the East Blue. During this time, Clay had an encounter with a gang of mountain bandits that were assaulting a helpless pirate. Clay’s leg was crippled in an attempt to save the pirate. When Gray returned, he was enraged to discover this, and despised his father for getting hurt in order to save someone else, not knowing that this wasn’t the first time. Unlike Gray, Titania was proud of her husband’s willingness to protect others, and was the reason why she had fallen in love with him in the first place.

    These character faces are not claimed by me. So, if anyone wishes to use them for their own characters, I will gladly take them down at their request.


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