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    Fennek Kont

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    Fennek Kont Empty Fennek Kont

    Post by The Law on Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:21 pm

    Name: Fennek Kont
    Epithet: The Phoenix
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Primary:Weapon Master (Swordsman)
    Secondary: Shipwright

    Appearance: Fennek is a pale slim guy. His body is slim but toned, while he stands somewhat tall past six feet. He has slate grey eyes with long black hair past his shoulders which has fancy white headpieces attached. He wears a long black robe/kimono with a white scarf across his neck. Below he wears sand colored sandals.
    Fennek Kont Byakuya0
    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Tone: White
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 183

    Fennek is a carefree guy who likes to take his time. He's the type of guy to beat around the bush. When he gets rushed, he gets pissed. Taking his time, he likes to go over every detail. Fennek is a very observant person. That is why he does not like being rushed, he wants to receive or give every bit and detail.

    Being observant and taking your time is one thing, being lazy is another. Fennek is pretty much both. He doesn't like to do much work, but will do it anyways. Cooperation is a trait Fennek has.

    Despite being lazy, Fennek has strong determination and will. Once he has something in mind, he won't stop to get it accomplished. His epithet, The Phoenix, is because the legend says the Phoenix rises from the ashes and so does Fennek. Even if Fennek is battered and bruised, he will not give up. He will get back up and finish the job. However, if the job isn't short term like taking an enemy out, Fennek might as well take his time... Sleeping is something he craves. And he will try to get the job done XD hence his habit of falling asleep quickly. He is also a stubborn sleeper with an iron will.


    Being a swordsman, he loves what he does. Swordsmanship being his passion, he loves combat with anybody, from other swordsman to devil fruit users.

    Always being disciplined as a child, he was like a balloon being blown up till it popped. Fennek always wanted to go adventure the seas. Being an adult now, Fennek is on his way to becoming a pirate.

    Fennek likes to go over all the details. He can go on and on about anything. Stories about pirates always pleased him, so he loved hearing stories. What he loves doing even more is telling those stories. Fennek likes telling stories, but he also loves simple things such as conversations.

    The lazy bum Fennek likes to sleep, one of his many forms of slacking off... Fennek will do something simple to occupy his time like playing games or anything to entertain him. If there's nothing to do why do nothing and experience it? So Fennek decides to sleep past this.


    *When his fun is ruined
    Swords are Fennek's fun and joy. He loves fighting and sometimes will get into a random fight with somebody. Not exactly the best thing to do... but it may be fun or serious. And when somebody attempts to break it up or gets in the way, Fennek will be pissed. He may redirect his attacks at the dude in the way.

    *Being rushed
    So by now you should know Fennek is a lazy guy who takes his time. Doing the opposite, rushing him is not a very good choice. It'll get under his skin, but if he's in a bad mood he may snap. Depending on who you are, you may get smacked in the face.

    Fennek doesn't get pissed off easily, but he will after being disrespected. If someone ridicules him, he will just take a nap right there and ignore him. But when it comes to something like combat.. calling Fennek a weakling or calling him out, Fennek will accept the challenge and take down da foo.


    *Become the greatest swordsman alive
    You definitely should know Fennek is lazy, and he loves swords by now... Fennek will follow this passion and won't let go of it no matter the circumstance. He may not be constructive sleeping all the time, but the goal is somewhere on his mind. When the combat opportunity comes, he won't hesitate to refine his skills.

    *Find a named sword
    Fennek's katanna, is not exactly the best. It's a decent sword, but there's always better. So Fennek will try to find a stronger blade as he grows stronger. There's no use putting a beast in a paper bag. You need a bigger cage, if it's a beast.


    Fennek has never lost a duel. No matter how much he get's beat, in the end Fennek will come back and smack up the enemy. He has an iron will. Or at least attempt to. Fennek has not encountered an opponent out of his league.. yet.




    *Taking his time


    *Iron will

    Fennek spends his life now like he did when he was little. He is always around swords. Joining a dojo when he was just a little kid, he loved the way of the katana. Fennek practiced day and night trying to improve and grow stronger.

    Growing up learning the ways of the sword, Fennek always wanted to adventure. The sensei strictly disciplined them, and he Fennek never did anything wrong growing up. All this temptation stored too long ended up exploding, making Fennek want to become a pirate.

    Aside from his fun life, there was his boring side. Fennek was born in a small village with an estimated population of 300 people. Since it was such a small place, not all islanders would have all the jobs necessary for survival. So each family has their own skill/job that they pass down for the family to learn. Fennek's family were all shipwrights and carpenters. Fennek liked building things, but he didn't have a burning passion for it like swordsmanship.

    By the time Fennek was 18, he set sail to adventure. His craving for adventure went past the edge and he took sail to become a pirate. Fennek wasn't sure who he was going to join, but he was going to join somebody. Having a crew would be too much work for Fennek...

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    Fennek Kont Empty Re: Fennek Kont

    Post by Einhardt on Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:51 am

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