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    Axel Rover

    Axel Rover

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    Axel Rover

    Post by Axel Rover on Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:54 pm

    Name: Axel Rover
    Epithet: "Death Strike Rover"
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Fighter

    Appearance: Axel can be seen wearing a long white coat with green stripes, and black pants, with a black belt and black shoes. He has a regular build, in which he keeps by working out daily.
    Hair Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: Light
    Height: 5 foot 11
    Weight: 175 lbs

    Personality: Axel is a very enthusiastic person. He is always excited to do new things, and he barely ever complains, whether he is doing chores on a ship, or getting a boring lecture. He always tries to look at the best in things. He became a pirate to embark on the greatest adventure of his life. he does not care much how anyone views things that he chooses to do, because his parents always taught him to do what he wanted, and seize the moment. He loves to fight, as it lets him express himself in a way that any other thing can't. It is like another language to him, how he can talk when he does not want to use his voice. Axel is also a very friendly person, so anyone that is nice to him, is considered a friend in his book. He will always do his best to protect his friends, and at certain times, depending on the situation, he would put his life on the line for a friend. He has no problem killing a man if he feels he really needs to, but usually tends to knock his opponents unconscious. During battle, he is not a savage, meaning he thinks about what he does before actually fighting. If he feels he is not in a situation were he could win, he tries to use the environment around him to win the match.  

    - Adventures: Axel loves going on pretty much any quest that has him do something.
    - Friends: Axel likes to be around any of his friends, and would sacrifice his life for them in certain situations.
    - Strong People: Axel loves to fight with anyone who is stronger then him or is as strong as him.

    - Waiting: Axel does not like waiting around for an adventure. he tends to zoom off wherever he can find it.
    - Weak People: Axel likes fighting Strong opponents, but when he comes up against a weakling, he gets irritated ho they go down so easily.
    - Betrayers: Axel hates anyone who would just use there friends to get what they want and then ditch them.

    - The greatest Adventure: Axel set out to sea in search for the greatest adventure he has ever been on.

    - Rats: Axel hates rats, and has ever since he was a child, and was asked to go down to his basement to grab something for his mother. There were tons of the filthy rodents, too many for Axel to handle.
    - Death: Axel would sacrifice his life to protect his friends, but that doesn't mean he would like to. Axel has no ideal were he would go after he dies.
    - Swimming: Yes, Axel travels across the seas, but he ouldn't be caught dead swimming in it. He fears of all of the things in the sea that he cannot see clearly with his own two eyes.

    Behavior/Habits: Axel is happy almost all of the time. He hardly gets angry hen someone does anything wrong, but still acts on what he think there punishment should be, as if he was some type of robot in that regard, not caring about what others did to get what they deserved, but rather just giving them what they deserved. Axel always has a habit of taping his right leg with his right hand when waiting, because it is very hard for him to stay in the same spot for long. He might even use his fingers as puppets and put on a show for himself if he is really bored.

    History: Axel grew up in a small Island called Newbary located in North Blue. He lived on a farm ran by his mother and father. When he turned six, Axel's parents let him help out around the farm with the animals, and cleaning things up. Axel had a brother two years older than him named Thomas and a sister one year younger than him named Cassandra.  Pirates visited Newbary Island all of the time, but they never invaded. The island was friendly with tons of pirates, so no one really care what you did. Every morning as a child, Axel would wait at the docks for pirates, and when they came, he would beg them to tell him stories about there adventures. There was a particular pirate crew called the Death Strike Pirates that Axel just loved. He liked all of the members, and some of them even taught Axel how to fight. They came to Newbary Island atleast once a month, until Axel was 15, then they stopped coming. A lot of people thought they died, but Axel thought they went further into the world to look for more adventure. Axel wanted to meet them again one day, so when he as 18, Axel left Newbary Island on a small boat, hoping that he would get a chance to meet several people, and more importantly, the Death Strike Pirates.
    Rylan the Prodigy

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    Re: Axel Rover

    Post by Rylan the Prodigy on Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:06 am

    Looks fine, I approve your character.

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