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    Raiun Yamasaki (DONE)


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    Raiun Yamasaki (DONE)

    Post by Raiun on Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:15 am


    Portrait of Raiun, taken recently.

    Name: Raiun Yamasaki
    (Surname is Yamasaki, meaning 'Mountaintop'. This name was the one his ancestors adopted once they colonized the island he comes from, since among all the settlers they were the only ones to chose to live atop the small mountain in the center of the island.
    Given name is Raiun, meaning Thundercloud. Raiun was given this name due to the unusual weather patterns his father noticed during his birth: A single solitary Thundercloud which passed over the peak peacefully.
    Taken together, his full name reads as 'A Thundercloud resting atop of a mountain peak')


    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human/Asian

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Affiliation: Prospective member of the Revolutionary army(?)

    Occupation: ? (Currently waiting for Custom Occupation to be approved.)

    The first word that comes to mind when folks view Raiun for the first time? Without a doubt, it's unusual. And who can blame them? His unruly white hair, his dark grey eyes, even his facial features (which speak of his asian heritage)... Any of these features by themselves would probably draw attention to himself. Once you take those sharp features (only dulled slightly by youth) framed by the wild locks of his distinctive hair, complete with those piercing eyes and place them together, you have a face as striking as it is oddly attractive.

    Once one finally begins to move past staring at Raiun's face, most usually let their eyes travel downwards across the rest of his impressive physique. Although barely of average height compared to most of the worlds population, Raiun is blessed (unfairly so, some men might say) with powerful shoulders, granting him the presence that his lack of imposing height fails to grant him. Normally, if he is lucky enough to be dressed in the style he likes, he wears two layers of clothing, The outer layer of clothing, an almost oversized kimono that billows about Raiun, usually appears to be in danger of falling off his powerful frame, with only a linen sash to keep his ancestral garb in place. Pure white for the most part, the cuffs as well as the hem are bordered a soft, light blue, the same color used for the symbol of the Yamasaki clan (A mountain piercing through a sky of clouds) which is embroidered directly on the back of the Kimono.

    Just as the Kimono helps to emphasis the powerful frame of his body, the form fitting uniform Raiun wears underneath draws attention to the well sculpted contours of Raiun's chest and abdomen. As black as night, trimmed with deep red around the edges, both the shirt and pants flow smoothly across his body, allowing easy movement whenever he needs to be on the move.

    Hair Color: As white as freshly fallen snow, Raiun's messy mop of soft hair is the one feature he loves most about himself (even if others falsely claim it to be a result of curling irons).

    Skin Tone: A very light peach color, taken from his mother.

    Height: 5' 9 1/2"

    Weight: 165 pounds


    Personality wise, Raiun is an almost textbook example of an ISTP personality, commonly known as a 'Mechanic'. What does this mean? Simply put, he is a bright, optimistic fellow who is most happy when allowed to pursue his own desires his own way, free of oppression and ridged rules.

    Positive Traits
    Led by Logic: Although he isn't devoid of emotions or personal values, Raiun dislikes allowing them to rule him blindly. Instead, he prefers to approach life guided by the bright lights that are common sense and rational thought, allowing him to make decisions based on what he thinks is the best solution. Although this might make him sound cold, this couldn't be farther from the truth. He simply doesn't allow himself to run straight into problems without giving some thought as to HOW he can deal with it.

    Aware of what happens around him: Raiun is blessed with a wonderful connection to the world around him. Where as others might see most of the world as simply a background to their life, Raiun loves to observe everything that happens around him. A tree is more than just a simple tree to him; it's a fascinating object that might be more than what it seems. A barmaid is more than a pretty face; She's a mystery, filled with her own unknown desires that Raiun would love to figure out.

    A free spirited soul: If there is one thing Raiun loves above all else, it's being able to be his own man. It's not that he has anything against other people, far from it! He enjoys the company of others, and tries his best to be understanding to most. But, when all is said and done, at the end of the day Raiun will always wish to be himself, and lord help those that want to beat this out of him.

    Negative Traits

    Buried emotions: Although Raiun isn't a cyborg, he does prefer to think things through rather than follow a gut feeling. As such, when faced with problems that resonate deeply with him, he has a bad habit of allowing his emotions to surface. Although some people are comfortable in allowing their feelings to control them, Raiun is not. When they do surface, he is no longer the kind, free-spirited young man he normally is. Instead, he transforms into a grim, brooding figure whose intensity is intemidating, and more than a little frightening. In this state, Raiun is far more likely to make mistakes and lose himself in his own personal darkness, and it is only with the help of others that he can crawl out of that pit and be himself again.

    Not a fan of boredom: If there is one thing that can depress Raiun, it's inaction. Some might find it odd that at times Raiun can be remarkably patient and other times depressed by the lack of action around him, but it makes perfect sense to Raiun. He knows that there is a difference between A. thinking about how to deal with problems, and B. not being able to deal with them at all. As such, there are times when Raiun indulges himself by distracting himself, sometimes leaving him oblivious to things that he ought to pay more attention to.

    Guilt: Although he presents a cheerful face to the world, Raiun has a dark secret in his past that still haunts him in ways he hates. This dark secret is the primary factor in his intense desire to see the world government suffer, and as such it creates a rather glaring blind spot in how he views Marines and those associated with them.

    -Figuring out how things work, tinkering at times.
    -Having the freedom to do as he likes.
    -Overcast days
    - Facing difficult problems or opponents.

    -Those that oppress others. (Always associates World Nobles with this dislike. Marines are usually grouped into this group as well)
    - Bright sunny days.
    - Enclosed spaces.

    -Primary: He wants to see the World Government suffer for it's tyranny, and dedicates a great deal of effort in becoming strong enough to deal blows to their power.
    -Secondary: Learning how to master the strange and rare power he has been given by fate
    Tertiary: Proving himself worthy of the Yamasaki legacy.
    Tertiary: Claustrophobia
    Secondary: Becoming crippled.
    Primary: Dying before he has his revenge.

    Raiun is very active, constantly on the prowl for some intellectual problem to solve or (slightly rarer) a good fight. His charming personality and good looks usually result in a number of casual relationships among women he encounters along his travels, and although he is very fond of every last one of them, he dislikes tying himself down. As a result, he is something of a manwhore, enjoying sex and romantic relationships as a pleasant diversion, meant to be nothing more than simply something two like-minded individuals can enjoy for a brief time. Unfortunately, most of the women don't feel the same way, and there are a number of establishments in which he has been banned from ever returning to as a result.

    19 years ago, on an island located in the Grand Line, Hibiki Yamasaki (Proud Rear-Admiral of the Marines) was finally given the news that he had been waiting three days straight for; he was now a father to a healthy baby boy. Finally, after three years of trying, it was finally official. There was to be a heir to the proud legacy of the Yamasaki family.

    A proud family who could trace their history of service to the world government back to Izamaru Yamasaki, a former pirate turned Warlord, and eventually Vice-Admiral, the Yamasaki were praised from on high as worthy vassals; Dedicated to justice, their unique brand of martial arts and natural hardiness were traits that many felt made them ideal officers. So, the news that Hibiki, current head of the finally had a child of his own to raise as a future loyal officer, was well received. Indeed, it was enough that the Fleet Admiral at the time was gracious enough to grant Hibiki permanent reassignment near his ancestral home. After all, a father should be part of his son's life. Even more so when the father was to mold the tyke into the ideal marine.

    As Raiun grew up, however, it was not his father that was the main part of his life. Rather, it was his mother. A scholar of some renown, although she loved her husband she would not simply leave Raiun to grow up as only a mere solider. While his father tried to beat Marital arts into the boy, she instead nurtured his natural curiosity, installing values within him that would remain throughout his life.

    Much of Raiun's younger years were spent this way; A silent, unspoken war between his parents. On one hand, training, meant to forge him into a potent weapon. On the other, a childhood spent wandering and observing, constantly exploring the rugged peaks of his home. Raiun loved both aspects of his childhood, much as he loved both his parents. Although he knew they both wanted something different from him, he was torn between their desires, balancing himself upon a narrow rope. Indeed, he might have leaned either way on his own if fate did not intervene upon his 14th birthday, leaving a wrecked merchant ship and its precious cargo across the beach of the island.

    Raiun was the first on the scene, his natural curiosity driving him to explore the wreckage. Although he found no survivors, he did find an object that drove his curiosity over the edge; a curiously shaped fruit. Light as a feather it was! Lumpy as well, and a curious white and blue that drove Raiun mad with desire. Without a care in the world, he ate the damn thing, and suddenly the wheels of fate began to turn.

    A week later, after Hibiki filed a report, a visitor arrived to the island, escorted by four Vice-Admirals. The ship had been in the nobles employ, carrying, among other things, a present worthy of his daughter. A Devil fruit, and not just any, a LOGIA. Despite Hibiki's insistence that no such object had been found, the noble simply grew more and more angry, accusing the Marine of treachery. Finally, he grew tired of the debate, and ordered Hibiki tortured for information.

    Raiun, of course, only found out about this later, when his father returned, stripped of his rank, his pride, and his status. Seeing his father so mistreated finally turned Raiun away from the government for good. Years later, leaving behind a broken man and his caring wife, he set sail towards east blue, chasing rumors of an army, cloaked in mystery, who fought against the tyranny of those 'born' better than others. If there was any truth to those rumors, he would find something in Logue Town...

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    Re: Raiun Yamasaki (DONE)

    Post by Raiun on Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:25 am

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    Re: Raiun Yamasaki (DONE)

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    Re: Raiun Yamasaki (DONE)

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