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    Gean's Room/Dojo


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    Gean's Room/Dojo

    Post by Kanzaki on Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:11 am

    Gean uses this room as a bedroom and for training. There are multiple dummies behind every door except the on that goes to the bathroom and the one that holds her bed. When you enter you will notice 4 blades on the far side of the room. normally Shingi is there along with some weapons she trains with. there is a table in the middle of the room where she sits and eats her food. behind one door there is a roll out bed which is just a sheet with a pillow and a blanket. This room is located at the very back bottom of the ship.


    The bathroom has a bath with a small faucet and window that looks out to the ocean. Right next to it is where people rinse the sods off themselves with a hose with a little shower head. there is a bucket and a seat where people are to sit when the rinse the sods off there body with a small mirror.

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