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    Lobii Mélang


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    Lobii Mélang Empty Lobii Mélang

    Post by Lobii on Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:12 am

    Name: Lobii (Pronounced:Low-Bee) Mélang
    Epithet: "Iron Flair" Lobii
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Affiliation: Pirates
    Occupation: Bartender/ Entertainer

    Appearance: Lobii is a lean, slender young man with brown eyes, hair styled up in the front in sort of spiked in the front. Typically he wears a dress shirt unbuttoned at the first button with sleeves rolled up to the forearms, A colored vest on top of that with a handkerchief neatly folded in the chest pocket. A belt looped through dress pants as well as a small waiter's apron. A small white towel hangs down to about mid thigh on his left leg covering up some of the waiter's apron. Then black dress shoes.
    Hair Color: Dirty blond
    Skin Tone: Medium white- doesn't burn often
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 164 lbs

    Personality: Lobii lives life with a generous helping of flair and finesse. Above all else looking good is the most important thing. If you're going to do something, make it a show. He's a bit of a neat freak when it comes to organization. Along with showmanship, he holds gentlemanly standards in high esteems as well. He's able to keep a level head in most situations. He won't start a fight, but by damn he'll make a point to finish one. At first meeting Lobii will be respectful towards everyone. Interaction beyond that determines whether he will continue.
    Likes: Nice Clothes: It's important for Lobii to be well dressed at all times.
    Mutual respect: Lobii is always respectful, it's nice when people return the favor.
    Organization: Lobii likes having an environment where he can control how it looks and functions.
    The spotlight: Lobii's knack for panache gives him a love for attention.
    Fish: Lobii is really fascinated with fish and also enjoys eating them.
    Alcohol: Lobii's occupation as a bartender makes him a connoisseur when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

    Dislikes: Bad alcohol: Lobii's bar-training has given him keen sense of taste when it comes to alcohol mixes. He can tell if there's too much or too little of an ingredient.
    Bugs: Insects are bad for business and work areas, and must be disposed of.
    Lack of Manners: Manners are important to Lobii, having worked in the service industry. Rude people rub him the wrong way.
    Drunks: Lobii has dealt with so many drunks in his previous job it's become an annoyance.
    Cypher Pol Agents: The agents of cypher pol are corrupted by their tainted definition of "Justice"

    Motivations:To make a name for himself. To become the greatest drink mixer on the seas. To defy the world government and its corruption.
    Fears: The Navy's rise to power and the fall of the Pirate age
    Letting a Drunk go free and cause a problem
    Being forgotten

    Behavior/Habits: Lobii generally always has a long toothpick in his mouth most of the time. He acts rational and tries to keep his cool when the heat is on. Every now and then he will breath deeply to calm himself down. When he is truly annoyed he'll talk to himself regardless of who is around. Another quirk when he's angry, he'll start cleaning glasses if he's on the ship. At a bar or tavern, Lobii won't pass up the chance to impress others by jumping over the bar and mixing drinks, especially if the bartender is doing a bad job. Sometimes he'll get kicked out for "stealing" tips. Sometimes they let him stay and they start taking notes. If someone has had too much, Lobii won't hesitate to take away the patrons drink, even if it means getting into a fight.

    History: When Lobii was young he and his parents were in a shipwreck. He was separated from his parents, and drifted for a day and a half before being rescued by a man who took him in. The man happened to be the head of one of the World Government's Cypher Pol units.
    From a young age Lobii was trained to be tough, to one day take place amongst the ranks of the secret assassins within the organization. For years he trained on the beaches, waters, and forests of the island under the guidance of the Cypher Pol head who was also raising him.

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