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    Raivera Ruiz


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    Raivera Ruiz

    Post by Rivera on Sat Oct 11, 2014 4:08 pm

    Name: Raivera Ruiz
    Epithet: The Lunatic
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Weapon Master (swordsman)

    Appearance: He appears to be tougher from what someone on his age would look like. He has healthy and athletic muscular body, and even if he gets wounded, this actually looks really good on him, so good that someone would think that it makes him appear to be somewhat of a masochist. He possesses crimson-colored, evil-looking eyes, and a really messy, somewhat likable, medium-sized hair. His trademark clothes are a pair of sandals, black trousers, hidden behind a short-sleeved dark-blue haori with white-colored okumi and yin-yang sign on its back. He likes to wear his katana eighter on his back, or his white-colored haramaki, where he often puts 2 katanas, but keeps one of them for back up. There's only rare occasions when he could pull off the two katanas at once, but he likes to mash them up in a fight.

    Hair Color: Naturally dark blue, appears to be black.
    Skin Tone: White
    Height: 6'1'' (185 cm)
    Weight: 161 lbs (73 kg)

    Personality: Ruiz has the expression of sarcastic individual with great confidence in himself. Ruiz is often described of being a "lunatic" because of his demonic look. Well, he is quite the scary type, because he actually has some logic behind his thoughts, and always acts unpredictably. He is known for being cold-hearted, and bloodthirsty character. Ruiz would taunt enemies during battle, and mock them if they don't give anything from themselves when they fight him. He struggles for a fight against the strongest opponents, and often would challenge those who are even out of his league, to test his strength against them. Even thought he is not invulnerable, he is really calm and if he gets wounded, he would often ignore that for some time, because of his masochistic nature. He likes having freedom, and dislikes of being told what to do, except if it's sometehing that he accepts is "in his style". Overall, there is only one think that makes Ruiz worth  trusting, and this is - he would never tell a lie to someone; he would always tell them honestly what his thoughts really are. He also has a great sense of leadership, and is able to explain his strategies even to the "greatest of dulls", wich makes him really reasonable. Ruiz is quite the determined type - his goal is to make a reputation as the most dangerous swordsman. He would cut anyone who tries to stand in his way of greatness.

    Ladies: Ruiz can be really perverted, and sometimes try to touch women he thinks that are hot out of nowhere.
    Food: Extra stamina is never bad, plus this keeps him collect his strength again. He eats a lot, and that never gets in the way of his athletic body structure, infact, it would help him keep staying in good, healthy form.
    Alchohol: As an adult, he likes drinking mainly sake, but that doesn't mean, that he doesn't drink any other alchohol. Ruiz has some sence of measuring. He would never get so drunk, that he would forget his own thoughts. He likes mashing up alchohol when not drinking sake.
    Cutting: He is a fanatic and likes blood baths, he would often like to cut some big fish/animal when he is hungry, and will murder his oponents mercilessly, enjoying the view.

    When things go wrong: He would get pissed if some sort of strategy doesn't get "just as planned", or if someone doesn't play his role in such.
    Resisting: He doesn't like when someone tries to act against him/or his motives. Infact, he might try cutting anyone who dares doing so.
    "Dis-"luck: He hates when luck turns against him and gets "screwed by destiny".
    Babies: For some reason, he just hates babies/or hear its "cry".

    -To get "badass" swords.
    -Becoming the most dangerous swordsman.

    Being Locked: He fears of being lsolated inside completely empty, white room.
    Nightmares: When he is taking a nap, he often gets the craziest dreams ever, that's why he is freaked out anytime before he falls asleep. After he wakes up from nightmare, he would be so scared, that he would want to cut someone with his sword, if there is anyone near him.
    Loosing his confidence: While having to fight a lot, sometimes Ruiz would begin to get unstable and more berserk, he wouldn't let anyone to stop him from continuing his ambition, if he appears to be rendered powerless, then he is afraid, that he is in a great pinch, and would need to improve his skills more and keep on staying focused.

    Behavior/Habits: Raivera always behave himself as being overjoyed. He doesn't care for anyone's feelings, if they are not honest, or if they are provoked towards him in a bad way. He smirks anytime he has something on his mind, or is having a good time. He would often whistle when being impressed. When having fight, he is unpredictable, and would taunt his opponents, without having fear of loosing miserably/being wounded/killed. He would often talk to himself when trying to analyze his opponents during a fight, or when being insulted by someone's actions/speech. He's never afraid of killing someone, even if it's some sort of an ally.

    History: From his parents, the only one, who Ruiz remembers, is his father. When Raivera asked him for his mother, his father always said how great of a woman she was, and that he is sorry for breaking up with her, for yet unknown reason. His father was a great swordsman. He teached his own kid how to defend himself and basic techniques with the sword. His father was a member of a pirate crew, and he let his son in a small island in East Blue, because he had to sail the seas, telling his son that it's quite dangerous to hang out with him, and then they promised to see each other sometime later in Grand Line. Ruiz never heared from his father ever since.  So at year of 7, Ruiz had to survive and live all by himself. He never stealed from anybody in order to eat. Ruiz always hunted his own food, and never asked help, because he believed, that no one would like to "babysit" him anyways. He began developing his own style of life, and islanders would stay away from him, because people and other children at his age were afraid of someone like him. At year of 10, Ruiz joined a dojo, because he felt prepared for it, and began to fight other kids at his age, and even older people who dare to call themselves "swordsmans", and trained in the dojo. Raivera never trained himself amongs them. He relied on everything his father taught him and began developing his own sword style, wich made him unique by any means.

    So how did Ruiz become known as this "Lunatic" character? Well, he was really happy about how things were going in his life, and enjoyed the full freedom he had. When he clashed with someone in the dodjo, he always mocked them, before he slayed them mercilessly. His sensei always said to him, that he needs to become friends with his "rivals", but Raivera never agreed to that nonsence, and always rebelled against what his sensei told him, except if it wasn't very important for him to know. Ruiz was going for the win. He didn't wanted to stay for his entire life in this "stupid" dodjo and anyone begin to watch him with fear in their eyes. Except for one person, that actually exceeded in defeating him. From the very begining when he started in this dodjo, he was undefeated, but when he fought against a woman at his age, he was defeated. Everytime when he fought with her, he failed, because he looseed focus. Since then, he begin to feel more unstable, he started to train heavily with risking his own live, and felt regred of being defeated by the same person over and over again. Pretty much from what Ruiz had heared, 2 years later, there would be a huge tounrament in the dodjo he was in. Whoever wins, could call himself really a swordsman. When the time came, he reurned to the dodjo, but was different. He had a demonic look in his eyes, wich was the result of his training for the "big league", where he had to go throught a lot of nightmares, and even stand against his own fears. He fought by his own, and apperantly he won the tournament, after defeating the women that beated him couple of times before, because she obviously had some kind of concussion, and wasn't at hundred percent. Raivera had decided to spare her life, and when she asked him why he left her to live - he responded: "Because i felt pitty for you."

    At the age of 19 after nine years of hard work, Ruiz was ready to leave the island and sail the seas. His decision was to become a pirate just like his father, and had a goal on his own - to become the most dangerous swordsman. He felt like he was already starting to accomplish his goal really good, after the reputation he left when preparing to start his adventure, but he need to build it more. What better place to do it, if not the great seas?
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    Re: Raivera Ruiz

    Post by Storm Runner on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:24 pm

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