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    "Mouth" Rem


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    "Mouth" Rem Empty "Mouth" Rem

    Post by Alder on Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:54 am

    Name: Rem
    Epithet: "Mouth"
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Asexual

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Fighter

    Appearance: Rem, while not having a very menacing figure, is actually very muscular. He has short hair and wears a boater hat. He typically wears a tank top that is much too large for him and he wears black shorts. His expression is usually very happy and his eyes are a light shade of brown; with his feet usually lacking any footwear. Barely visible on his back, there is a tattoo that of several strange patterns and shapes with a variety of colors. His teeth have a mild yellow color.
    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Tone: Olive
    Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
    Weight: 134 pounds

    Personality: Rem is generally a very carefree person, unlikely to be the serious and demanding captain most would expect from a captain. He tends to act goofily and mess around, often being very blunt and disrespectful when doing so. When he speaks, he is often very loud. In fact, seeing him spend a day without yelling only occurs once in a blue moon, if even. Like many pirates, he is not only foul mouthed, but has lots of ambition as well. This stems mostly from his own avarice. He wants to enjoy anything the world can offer him, gain anything that he can attain, and explore parts of the world he's never seen. He is very loyal to his comrades, especially his crew mates. They are treated like family, even insulting them would be enough to make Rem lose his temper.

    Rem, since his early childhood, has always been interested in learning about the world. While not initially seeming like he would, he possesses an adequate knowledge of the world's history. As a child, he dreamed of traveling to these places. This is one of the things (among others) that inspired him to set out to sea. While he is very dumb when it comes to other subjects, he has a vast knowledge of the a number of islands. He has a fondness for plays and the theater, which is one of the only ways he can be kept glued to a seat. He is very fascinated with bizarre or strange things, such as weird animals or people. He has a natural love for fighting and has great pride in his strength.

    Likes: -Learning about the world. Since he was on his first ship, Rem was always fascinated by the world. The new places he explored with his crew motivated him to travel all throughout the world.

    -Fighting is a passion of his. Given who his father is, it's no surprise that he is a very violent type of person. He's always welcome to a good fight to blow off some steam; he even gets a VERY strange smile when he does.

    -Adventure is what motivated him to become a pirate in the first place. He hopes to travel to the most dangerous places in the world just to have some fun.

    Dislikes: -Staying idle, he hates not actively doing stuff and has a lack of patience to boot. He is bored whenever nothing exciting happens.

    -He hates being made fun of for his goal. While he isn't the most powerful pirate, underestimating him is a sure way to make him furious.

    -As Rem cherishes his friends, he loathes anyone that dares insult them. While this can be remedied with a simple apology, he would actually kill those who mock them.

    -The nickname that he got as he child for constantly being a pest; "Buzzard".

    -Rem has a dislike for alcoholic beverages, mostly because of how the taste.

    Motivations: -To find One Piece; a goal he set as a personal challenge to himself. Rem wants to stick out from the other pirates. What better way to do so than to become their king? The implcation of power that the title has is also what draws him to it.

    -To explore the entire world. As a young child, he always had a craving for adventure. He has the urger to visit new people, explore place that not many could make it to. He has gone on record as saying that he wants to explore Hell someday, Heaven just sounds too boring!
    Fears: Losing his friends is one of the only things that immensely frightens him. He has lost several people in his life, and he doesn't plan on losing any more. His friends are what pulled him out of the depressed mood he was in; he couldn't imagine a life without having any!
    Behavior/Habits: His temperament is similar to that of a child. When he is especially furious, his immediate response is to turn to violence. He is restless unless he constantly has his attention occupied by something and can be bored very easily. He is also sometimes prone to making very rash decisions or otherwise not thinking about the consequences of his actions. Rem is also usually very trusting to even the most seemingly treacherous of people. However, if this trust is lost, it is very difficult to get back. He has made it his personal goal and challenge to not only find One Piece, but to explore the entire world as well. But he is willing to put his goals and dreams on hold for the sake of crew and friends. He typically has his heart in the right place and is moral enough to not constantly seek bloodshed.

    History: Ever since his birth, it seemed inevitable that Rem would become a criminal.

    His parents were two notorious pirates, both rookies at the time. One of them was a man named Easton Seegar. He was a notably handsome and muscular young men, but also very cruel. Another trait of his that stuck out like a sore thumb was his oversexed personality. Wherever he went, he would always have a one night stand with a woman foolish enough not to know his true identity. As a result, many children have been left fatherless because of his tendency to never let relationships go beyond a one night stand. It is said that "Easton Seegar" is an alias and he keeps his true name hidden for reasons unknown.

    The mother, on the other hand, was a curious woman. Her name was Olivia Levasseur, a former high-ranking marine. She was known to be very capricious, but no one expected her to do something of this caliber. The only explanation she gave was that she couldn't being held back by laws for much longer. Not only was she actively a threat to the world government, but she had also managed to gather a crew of incredibly powerful fighters. One of these fighters was a man named Bruno, a hairy musician whose main purpose was to keep the crew at high spirits. He comes into the picture shortly after a short series of events. Anyhow, Olivia was also known to be a thrill-seeker, always having the need to experience new things. This manner of thinking is eventually what caused Rem's birth.

    Both of these infamous figures had met each other at Mock Town where they had both gotten incredibly drunk. Against their better judgement, both of them had decided to spend the night together. When morning came, it was clear that the Seegar was the only one of the two that didn't regret his actions. They both split up soon after, Olivia's crew never dared to bring up that moment again, but there was a reminder for the next nine months of travel. She was pregnant with Seegar's child. Even her own adventurous personality quickly grew frustrated by the torture she had to endure day after day. It was obvious to her crew from the very start that once she gave birth, the child would not be staying with them for very long.

    She gave birth while traveling through the sea. Without so much as giving the newborn a name, she immediately ordered for it to be killed. Bruno knew that this was coming, but he could not bear to let a child be killed. Even as a pirate, Bruno still had standards. He firmly believed that children were born without sin and could not bear to see one be harmed. Even when they raided villages or committed other crimes, Bruno refused to ever harm a child. This was when Olivia issued a challenge to test his resolve. He would spend fourteen days without eating food. During this time, the baby would be fed in his place. Without a moment's hesitation, Bruno accepted the challenge.

    For two harsh weeks, Bruno kept his word and ate nothing. All the while he played his violin for the crew as per usual. By the end of the challenge, Bruno felt significantly weaker than he did before. He collapsed right after the end of the last day. Olivia had pity on the man and allowed him to rest until he was fully recovered. Even after he left the crew, Olivia could not pretend as if the friendship she formed with Bruno had never existed. After a month of rest, they were sent off with a small ship and a month's worth of rations as parting gifts. The crew's ship was extraordinarily large and full of food; a month's worth of food was nothing to them.

    They both arrived at the East Blue within a year. Bruno disguised himself to avoid being identified by anyone. Fortunately, because his most defining characteristic was his obscene amount of hair spread all over his body, Bruno was easily able to shave it and hide from the authorities.

    Bruno raised Rem in a small village in the East Blue, one that wasn't very heavily populated. Bruno homeschooled him and taught him basic math and literacy. However, he was never taught any of the more advanced topics, mostly because Bruno wasn't all too bright either. Not surprisingly, given his heritage, Rem was also a huge troublemaker. He had a nasty habit of stealing from other people and often picked fights with. Several other boys from the village would try to fight against him, but not one of them had ever defeated him. This is also when he started trying to execute some techniques that he thought would be cool to pull off. He never did have quite enough strength to successfully use them on actual people. He was around 10 years old during this time.

    Soon, he was challenged by a boy named Puer. The boy was a year older than him. But he was a bit too easy to make cry and constantly talked about his "manly pride". Predictably, Rem was easily able to take him out. But his other opponents, Puer would come back day after day to challenge him. While Puer never actually won, it was clear that he had been improving because of their fights. Over time, the two of them had developed an odd friendship. They would always fight each other and train to get stronger. They both dreamed of becoming the strongest warriors on the island and protect their "turf". Nobody really understood how these two were able to become friends. The closest explanation anyone got was from Puer; he said that their friendship was forged by the sheer power of their manliness!

    On one of the island's more relaxed days, something strange happened. People had actually come to visit! Everybody was intrigued by the group of new arrivals. They were a group of adventurers that simply traveled across the world with no real goal in mind. Their leader was an adventurous botanist named Carlos. The group stayed there for the rest of the day. Rem and Puer listened to the stories they had to share. Carlos and his men told of unbelievable sights and new discoveries all over the world! The band of travelers are what inspired both Rem and Puer to set off to sea in the future. Rem had even convinced them to lend him one of the history books from their ship's small library.

    After the travelers left, both Puer and Rem agreed that they would set sail when they thought they were powerful enough. They had also unintentionally inspired both of them to become pirates! As pirates, they would be able to explore just as Carlos and his men did. The major difference being that they wouldn't be restricted by the law of the government. While they had achieved remarkable feats, explorers were ultimately bound by the same laws of everyone else. Pirates had the most freedom on the sea, it was only natural that the two boys would choose to become one of them. Rem soon realized something. If a pirate had such freedom, how much would their king have? He was 12 years old at the time, he had gained two ambitions: become the pirate king; explore the entire world.

    This news was met with much protest from Bruno, who had hoped that Rem would stray away from the path of a pirate. Rem payed no attention the old man's words, he had already made his decision and was very adamant. At age 16, Puer had set out ahead of Rem to become a pirate. Once Rem had become the same age, he set out to sea. He has been sailing for approximately one year and plans on starting his own pirate crew!

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