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    Main Guidelines


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    Official Topics Main Guidelines

    Post by Admin on Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:10 am

    Main Rules

    1. Advertising is not allowed in any form - especially in private messages. If you are caught advertising in the chatbox, thread, avatar, signature, profile, you will be IP banned and account banned!

    2. Attempting to cheat any of the rules below will result in a warning and if continued - a ban.

    3. Complaining or whining about how something is "unfair" without reason will result in a warning and if continued - a ban.

    4. Excessive PM's to any player will result in a warning and if continued - a ban.

    5. Stalking players in any way will result in a ban! We do not encourage creeps or any weird things...

    Account Rules

    1. Your username needs to reflect your character name. If it does not - you may ask an administrator to change your name freely.

    2. You may only have one account at the start! Do not create more than one account; however, you will be able to have an alternate account after having 200 posts or higher on your MAIN account. (In other words, your main account must have 200 posts or more before you can create an alternate character / account.) You are allowed a Maximum of 3 accounts in total, meaning you're allowed your main and two additional accounts. You're not allowed to do threads playing multiple of your characters, meaning you'll never be able to do roleplaying where you control more than one poster.

    3. Please do not lie about the contact information on your account! It is important players and staff know how to contact you in case we need to reach you.

    4. Killing "Characters" does not mean your account is "Dead!" It is possible to archive your character and create a NEW character! (This includes changing your username) However, doing this frequently will NOT be allowed! The exception is the eater of the Revive Revive Fruit.

    5. You are not allowed to request group changes unless you have been recognized as a full fledged member of the group through IC actions. All things must be done IC before you can change groups and the like.

    Role-Playing Rules

    1. Mandatory posts in a thread has to exceed over 100 words! It's easy, and should help you build your RPing skills. There is a 10 word range exception - but will be shunned upon as other RP'ers work incredibly hard to showcase their skill!

    2.This site is rated as PG-16, which means that there will be descriptions of violence and mild scenes of gore that are unavoidable. For example, if you have the Magu Magu no Mi it would be illogical if you didn't melt people who were substantially weaker than you. We also allow intense language In-Character so long as it fits the situation and the characters nature, without being excessive. All "Romance" encounters are fade to black only, but can be alluded to.

    3. The obvious "GODMODDING" will result in a warning and deletion of post! If you repeat the offense regardless of your status on the site - you will be banned. This is an incredibly annoying and frankly quite insulting offense. Moderators and players will both have the ability to give players a "nudge" when a certain player is near to breaking this rule! IF YOU DO THIS PLEASE PM THE USER!

    4. When posting, please write in third person or in past tense. However, when you are saying something (which should be in quotations, and noticeable) you may be able to use first person. When making a thread that involves more than two persons, you need to establish a post order. An order that determines who goes first, second, etc. Everyone needs to follow that order and wait for the others to reply. However, if a member fails to reply within 48 others, without warning the others that he or she would not be able to post within the time limit, that member's turn will be skipped. Also, no double posting. Wait for other people to reply before you post again.

    5. Unless they can duplicate themselves, which is extremely unlikely, unless you are a pirate with an ability which allows you to split yourself into two or more people. And, that wouldn't be allowed anyways. OR if you specify it in the first post of your thread that it happens before or after another thread you are in at the same time. This is only allowed for Social or Private No Killing threads. While your character is in a thread where he or she could die, you cannot have a thread that happens after it in the timeline. (This however, does not apply to missions - which you can embark on a maximum of "TWO" total.)

    Thread Rules

    1. Do not spam threads in RP'ing section! Be sure you want to RP before creating a thread.

    ]Open to everyone. Everyone can join the thread. The only rule is that you must give everyone else a heads up when your character joins. This means that your first post must be your character entering the scene, but not yet participating in the situation / conversation of the other participants.
    ]This means that no more people can join. Usually a thread would be Open first and after a certain amount of people have joined the owner of the thread can choose to close the thread. Nobody else will be able to join the thread. You can not make these topics in areas owned by an opposing faction. Such as custom islands, Paradise [If Pirate] or New World [If Marine].
    ]In a private thread members have already agreed on who will join the thread and when, before actually opening it. The thread is closed to anyone who's name is not listed in the title. Only usable for Tasks & Owned Islands.
    ]The X would be replaced by either one of the above. This type of thread is limited to Social interaction only. No fighting is allowed. Not allowed to be used in the New World [Exception of Owned Islands.]
    ]The X would be replaced by either one of the first three threads above. This type of thread may contain fighting. BUT the NK indicates No Killing. No fights to the death here. Not needed in New World.
    ]The X would be replaced by either one of the first three threads above. This type of thread may contain fighting. BUT the K indicates Killing. You character may kill or get killed in this thread. Getting killed will result in you losing your Character and having to create another one. All New World topics are automatically in this catagory.

    Chatbox Rules

    1. Do not offend a user in any form! This includes racism, vulgar language, etc. This only counts if the statement was racist over-all, or vulgarly directed specifically at a user. The chatbox does allow for mature discussion and adult language so long as it is under control.

    2. Religion and politics will both be banned from discussion in the chatbox! Although MATURE debates in the discussions are acceptable. If the debate exceeds a certain level of dispute - the debate will automatically cease.

    3. A certain level of respect for staff must be upheld. Do not ignore staff members when they are talking directly at you. Staff are meant to be there to HELP not offend you. If they however - are not doing their job be sure to report them to a higher authority!

    4. Hateful trolling and flaming are extremely shunned upon! You will be kicked from the chatbox as a warning and banned for a total of 24 hours from the chatbox if you break this rule. Any further attempts will lead to a permanent ban depending on the situation.

    5. Spamming emoticons or text will result in a kick and a clear of the chatbox.

    Behavioral Rules

    1. You are expected to be behave with a certain level of respect to the site your surroundings and especially the players of the site. Failure to do so will result in a ban. Do not come here to vent your anger or hate - leave that at the door before logging in.

    2. Being extremely perverted is unacceptable, especially in the chatbox - it will be seen as an offense and will be treated severely! By extremely perverted we mean... extremely perverted... like weird sex fetishes and stuff.

    3. When RP'ing be sure to leave any bias behavior aside! Be sure to include all players in an RP - do not make someone feel worthless, alone, sad, depressed, sorrowful, or full of despair! This will be heavily shunned upon.

    4. Act appropriate in special occasions. If there is an event do not start going out of control or on an rampage even if you are extremely delighted.

    5. Be sure to read things clearly and understand it before replying especially to something you MAY find insulting! Things can be taken out of context on the internet. It will be unwise, and if they are truly trolling you, take a screenshot and show it to a moderator or an administrator. They will be dealt with, but if you continue to flame with them - this will result in an equal punishment. Don't be that guy.

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