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    The Lost Pirates


    The Lost Pirates Empty The Lost Pirates

    Post by Guest on Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:18 pm

    The Lost Pirates Tumblr_lyd3oo8wDp1qfpva2o1_500

    Name of Crew: The Lost Pirates
    Name of Ship: The Neverland
    Captain: "Halloween" Rufio Arctic
    First Mate:  "Mistress of Venom" Astoria
    Second Mate: "Renegade" Rufus Wilde

    Goals: The crews goal is to find and kill fifty pirate crews that had betrayed their leader Rufio almost five years ago. Rufio has scoured the seas to find trustworthy members who are not only loyal yet useful to his cause. Alternatively They wish to do whatever they want and be under the rule of no one else. That is the secondary goal of the crew.

    Motto: "Prolong the Golden Age at any cost."

    Crew History: Rufio had met his crew mates over different locations that he had traveled throughout his time as a pirate. Meeting up with not only both Astoria and Rufus on entirely different islands at entirely different times. The crew itself had been sailing for quite some time and had raised themselves in infamy substantially by becoming feared in the East Blue. This literally made them small fries in other Blues, however the amount of death and chaos left by the crew was substantial enough to gain the crew instant notoriety.

    Limitations / Requirements: You need to be evil. You need to be willing to kill. You must be willing to have loyalty to the crew, selfishness is for fools.
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    The Lost Pirates Empty Re: The Lost Pirates

    Post by Azure Snow on Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:27 am

    ~APPROVED! Very Happy~


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