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    Queen Shiva's Castle


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    Queen Shiva's Castle

    Post by Yedidiyah on Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:32 am

    Queen's Royal Palace

    The queen is known for he love for beauty as well as he strength. It is said she is the most magnificent woman ever formed. She is known as the most beautiful woman in the north blue. The first thing you notice is the reflection of the moonlight in the castle's ice provides a very beautiful light. Outside is a vast amount of frozen roses that the queen holds in the highest regard. She keeps a few of her elite Yetis to stand guard at this entrance to her palace.

    Family Members who live with Inside:




    -Queen Shiva


    Gilbert is a very small hermit who has been living on the island so over 40 years. He has developed a way of not only communicating with the ferocious yeti's, but using them for battle. He is their commander and leader. Its un explainable why they love him so much really.


    Clem Is an ice elemental that was created by the queen. She is the queen ice and ears over the entire island. Clem controls the entire make up of the caves and caverns inside the island. She has access to them like an underground sewer system from the queen's castle. Allowing her to travel anywhere she so pleases. Clem is extremely mysterious and mischievous.


    This young Mage is an apprentice to Shiva. She absolutely adores Thor. He was the last of the blue arctic wolves that used to inhabit the island. She found him as a cub and rescued him. After a year he ate the Hito Hito no mi fruit. He became a wolf-man who studied under her to become her royal guard. They love each other and he would die to protect his queen and master.

    Queen Shiva:

    The queen was originally a slave inside of a wizard school. She was forced to raise her much younger sister at the time. She however stole a huge amount of book from the schoola dn began teaching herself and withing a few year became a full fledged ice mage. She however left with her sister after stealing the ice ring which grants the user a huge immunity to ice and the manipulation of it. She traveled for 10 years on the sea with her sister untill she became renown for her cold heart, icy beauty and her skill in battle. She then discovered Arctic island and took over it with her sister.

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