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    Shadowspark Secondary skill Bump


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    Shadowspark Secondary skill Bump

    Post by shadowspark on Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:13 am

    Skill Name: Ahimsa Genkotsu

    Skill Type:Hand to Hand

    Skill Information:
    Ahimsa Genkotsu or ( The Unharmful fist) is a defensive art rooted from the teachings of peace and life from a southern blue religion. Ahimsa can be visually compared to Shaolin Kung Fu in its fluency and focus, while ahimsa has a stronger focus on harnessing Qi energy and defensive positioning. In the isles of the south blue its often remarked, "if you need something stopped call a monk" this gave praise to the local spiritual leaders, and priets ,showing that their art of gentle defense is the strongest. Monks focus their defense on open hand deflections to minimize energy used (+7 reflex when ahimsa genkotsu is being used), while keeping an open fist until the moment before impact when attacking to raise speed and force (+7 speed, +5 strength while ahimsa genkotsu is being used).

    When in "full" Ahimsa a white outlining glow entangles the user.

    Elements and techniques from the ahimsa style can be used individually for various purposes and various manners, but if the monk enters a quick meditation to focus his spirit he can fully use all ahimsa genkotsu techniques simultaneously and repeatedly until released. When the ahimsa Genkotsu style is in full use ( proper stance, meditation commenced, focusing of energy, open palms  + 7 reflex +7 speed +7 strength +7 finesse) attacks can harm devil fruits, and intangibles, similar to armament haki.

    Ahimsa has a strong cooldown, once the "full" Ahimsa is used it cannot be used again that day/topic/task.The full Ahimsa can be maintained as long as possible until its released. Activating the "regular" ahimsa can be maintained for ten of the users post before having to take a 6 post cooldown.

    Skill Strengths:
    1) Enables combat with Intangible devil fruit
    2)Boost overall defensive capabilities through proper technique
    3)Augment users abilities through technique and proper energy focus
    4)Users can focus their energy and technique on a single instead of the "full" body Ahimsa
    5)Chanting prayers often help monks maintain their focus

    Skill Weaknesses:
    1)"full" Ahimsa can only be used once
    2)Once "full" ahimsa is released the body is weakened (-5 speed, -10 endurance , to original stats for the duration of the day/topic/task )
    3) Using Ahimsa techniques only enhances ability for the required movement and is not permanent after technique or movement is completed.
    4) Quick meditation is required for full power


    Type:hand to hand


    User designated body part changes glow from white to bright yellow, for a brief amount of time, the yellow glowing area cannot cause harm and harm cannot be caused to the area either.

    1)Can't be harmed
    2) amount of time based on energy

    1) Technique can't be used on more than one limb
    2)Amount of time based on energy
    3)Disables ability to attack

    Name: impasse

    Type: hand to hand


    User focuses their energy and stance in order to channel required force to a specific point, this allows the user to stop,cancel attacks with the designated limb with equivalent force. By using the same exact force attacks can be canceled and stopped using impasse. Quick meditation required.

    1) can cancel/stop any attack as long as user has sufficient force
    2) able to fight sharp weapons and cannons and guns

    1)can't be used on the same limb ( once per task/day/topic)
    2)User cannot attack while using impasse
    3)Quick meditation required

    Name: Paso

    Type:Hand to hand

    Cool down:1p

    Description:A technique similar to the flash step or soru, it allows the user an increase in speed through increased focus (+10 speed)

    1)Physical speed increase
    2)Increases force of attacks while using paso

    1)Speed upgrade isn't continuous , cool down kicks in after every action
    2)(-5 original speed) during cool down

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