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    Steal the Food! [SOLO PIRATE TASK]


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    Steal the Food! [SOLO PIRATE TASK] Empty Steal the Food! [SOLO PIRATE TASK]

    Post by Alder on Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:19 am

    Task Name: Steal the Food!
    Task Rank: 1
    Boss Required?: No
    Location: East Blue, Loguetown
    Task Details: Rem has once again run out of food to eat on the small raft he's been traveling with for the entire year. Because he's on his own and has nobody to cook for him, his best option right now is to steal food from the people of Loguetown. Rem will sneak into houses and eat their food, stuffing whatever else he wants into a sack. Preferably, he will be able to accomplish this task with no hassle. But knowing him, he'll probably cause uproar throughout the entire town. Afterwards, he plans on escaping from pursuit on his raft.

    x25 Marine Soldiers- Wear the typical marine uniform and are nothing out of the ordinary.

    Intelligence: 5
    Reflex: 10
    Speed: 10

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