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    Island Description


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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:49 pm

    Holy Island

    The Light never leaves this place, be it the light of the sun or the moon, it always seems bright here. It is said that there is possibly a leak in heaven that causes such an abundance of divine light to encase the island. This place seems so friendly and safe, as if protected by some higher Being; it’s an inexplicable feeling, a feeling of inner security and love.

    There is plenty to explore here, be it the vast Island itself or the giant tree which is located in the very center. This Tree is known as the Tree of Life and is known to bear healing fruit. On the tree some unknown people have built houses and shrines. However for some reason the homes and shrines have all been abandoned with no trace of its old citizens.

    Light Penguin:

    Name: Light Penguin
    Type: Penguins
    Alignment: Neutral - Neutral
    Appearance: Light penguins are all white with a slight shade of yellow. They reach a total height of 3 feet and live in massive packs.

    Description: Light penguins are a very rare species that actually cannot survive in the cold. They are special only existing on this one island through out the world. They live on the coastal areas of the island only, they are usually the first sight people notice when coming to dock on the island. They are never alone, and thrive when together.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Penguin Familiar Arts.

    F/C: N/A

    Lion of Light:

    Name: Lion of Light
    Type: Lion
    Alignment: Neutral - Good
    Appearance: These lions reach a total height of 3 meters and extend a total length of 4 meters. They are massive, and beautiful. Their entire fur is all white with the males having a bright yellow mane.

    Description: The lions of light are powerful and courageous beings. They usually ignore travelers and mind their own. They travel in a large pride and walk about hunting on the island and sleeping lazily in the divine light. They are known for being very protective of their family members, and twice as protective of the Tree of Life.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Light Feline Arts.

    F/C: N/A


    Name: Lupe
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Good - Good
    Appearance: Lupe has very neat and long sky blue locks that reach to his feet. He has a very long lime green beard that is also in locks and reach to his feet. He wears an all white robe with sky blue trim.

    Description: Lupe is a peaceful man who lives within the the top of the Tree of Life. He has lived here for the last 70 years in harmony with the land. The has spent the majority of it in meditation. He ventured here as a young lad, and was bestowed the knowledge of the universe. He has developed his own form of martial arts to defend the tree from all those who wish to do harm on the land.

    Skill Mastery:2
    Haki Level:2

    Abilities: Crazy Palm Strike.

    F/C: N/A

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