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    Post by Admin on Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:35 am

    Land of Famine

    Land of Famine is a waste land, no water or crops or the like can be found anywhere, even if you tried to plant something in the very dry earth, nothing would ever grow, like the earth itself is at a near death state.

    The Lord of this land is Famine, the Black rider roaming this place as he pleases. He is a guardian as much as the others but it is said that he is not a fighter might make you wonder how someone who doesn't fight could guard something.


    Name: Famine
    Rank: Three
    Position: Horseman
    Ability Art of Famine
    Endurance- 300
    Reflex- 150
    Speed- 150
    Strength- 100
    Skill Mastery- 3
    Haki Level- 3

    FC: Famine

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