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    "Snow" Family Tree

    Azure Snow

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    Official Topics "Snow" Family Tree

    Post by Azure Snow on Thu Feb 13, 2014 3:22 am

    "Snow" Family Tree

    Long ago in times of chaos a single samurai stood against an army of demons in the north blue. With His Legendary swords and Impressive God-like skill he banished any demon that he came across and made sure they never returned. however, there was one demon who was stronger than the rest of them. He was known as the Silver Demon to the people of the north blue but to the demons who worshiped him he was known as The Masked Demon God, Pandora. The final battle took place between the Samurai and The Masked Demon God where Lvneel Kingdom now stands. It was said that the samurai, the First Master of Heaven Nōdachi Style Stood up to the Silver Demon with his two legendary Nōdachi and banished him forever within an ancient box Called 'Heaven's Prison'; But now the legendary Prison its known as Pandora's Box. The box was hidden On a island deep within the grand line where none of the Demon's Followers would find it and was said that only one with a True Heart would be able to find the box.



    First Master: "Silver Light" Kyan X. Glory

    Very First Master of the Heavens Style. He had Defeated many demons in his time to achieve his title. He was the Master of the Two Sword Style but always carried Three Katana which were known as Three of the Best in the world. Kyan Taught his Arts to a Man and A woman who then taught it to the generations of the future. No one knows What had happened to the first master but before he left he had gifted two of his three swords to the two people he taught. No one knows what happened to the third Katana but whoever it was given to must have been greatly respected by Kyan.

    The Three Legendary Blades:

    • Silver Light
    • Yakumo
    • Midnight Rush



    "Cherry Blossom" Kayra Glory

    Daughter of The First Master and the One to Inherit his Legendary Black Blade. Kayra Glory Was known to be one of the most beautiful swords women to ever pick up the arts of the sword. She was Married to Syn Snow and Had Two Children which Later inherited the legendary Swords after passing the Heaven's Test.


    "Crescent Moon" Syn Snow

    The First Master's first Student, Syn was a Ruthless Swordsman who did not take Demons lightly. He spent his life slaying Demons and anything else that threatened his family. He had inherited the Main Long Katana that the First master always used but modified it slightly to fit his needs. He Also married the First masters youngest daughter and had two beautiful children who later inherited the Two Legendary swords from Both Syn and Kayra.


    Third Generation

    "Piercing Light" Katrina Snow

    She was Known for her Bright Burning Spirit and her Strong Light that could illuminate the darkness. Katrina was a sexy girl that did what she wanted, to an extent, she had also inherited the First Master's Primary sword and had modified it even more than her father had to make a gun blade of the Highest Quality. She and her brother were the first to show qualities of a Demon. The Demon Slayer Arts had eventually changed certain qualities of the user such as Crimson Eyes or strange Tattoo-like birth marks. She had a single child without knowing who the father was.


    "Darkest Day" Devon Snow

    Inheritor of the Black Sword and experienced in the ways of Dark Light. Devon snow was a Demon slayer that did what he wished and had a few kids while doing it. However, only one of the three was chosen to become The inheritor of the Heaven's Style as well as the Black Sword.


    Fourth Generation

    "Holy Amethyst" William D Snow

    Son of Katrina and Inheritor of the First Masters Primary Blade. William Was a Well Known Marine Vice Admiral that spent his days fighting off pirates and at times, Demons. William had Two daughters that he treasured very much, however, his wife had died while delivering The Twin Daughters. William Taught Heavens Style to his Daughters but only one of them Inherited the Masters Sword.


    "Demon Summoner" Sye Yang Snow

    Sye Yang Snow Was a Master of the demon summoner Arts and the Heavens Style. He taught his style to three people that were out of the family and tried to kill his own Aunt as well as take over the north blue with his pirate crew. Sye Yang And William D Snow had a great battle which lead to Sye's Death and the loss of the Black sword. No one knows where the Black Blade had disappeared to but its legendary power would rise once again when the time was right. Sye had no Kids that he knew of because of his Devil like appearance but had many followers who worshiped him that were female. He even tried to find Pandoras box to summon the Silver Demon back to the world. all in all this man was one of the most dangerous forces of darkness the family had ever seen.


    Fifth Generation

    "Ruby Eyes" Krystal Snow

    Krystal was the Mother of Azure D. Snow, She Served in the Marines like her father William and had a Twin sister named Evelyn. She was also Master of the Heaven's Style and Inherited the Master's Primary sword by completing the Heaven's Test. Krystal Snow made it to be a vice Admiral in the Marines before her crew and her were slaughtered in combat by Pretty Panther when Pretty was a Pirate still and not a warlord. The Legendary Sword was retrieved by the only three survivors who brought it back to the north blue. The Sword arrived while Azure D Snow and William D snow were training in the Dojo. The death of Krystal snow was a tragic loss for many.


    "Black Rose" Evelyn Snow

    Evelyn Snow trained in the Heaven's Style with her twin sister, Nearly mastering the arts. however, instead of using the purest of light she used the Darkness and anger inside herself to make her way to the top. When the Test of Heaven was taken, she failed and her sister succeeded making Evelyn very angry. She left the north blue to find the legendary Black Blade of the family to regain her honor and to make her father proud. When news of her sisters death came to her she was upset and went back home to be with her father and niece, Azure. She took the test once more with her father and again, she failed. She left in anger once more but wished to help Azure somehow, Now she looks over her niece from a distance. She waits for the right time to talk to her.


    Sixth Generation

    Azure D. "Crimson" Snow


    Weapon: Silver Light
    Weapon: Bright Nodachi
    Armor: Majestic Winter
    Primary Skill: Heaven's Nōdachi Style
    Secondary Skill: Gun Blade Style


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